Sicilian Odyssey

Breathtaking scenery and an ever-changing view of spectacular proportions are a certainty. Enjoy coastal views of the tranquil and inviting Adriatic and the awe-inspiring panorama of Mount Vesuvius. Board the Golden Eagle Danube Express for a truly remarkable journey of a lifetime.

Sicilian Odyssey (Southbound)

Italy is overflowing with ancient history, none more prevalent than the crumbling ruins of Pompeii and the few remains of the catastrophic eruption of 79AD that turned a once-thriving city into a virtual ghost town. The architecture is vast and varied; from the quirky flamboyance of Palermo to the medieval influences of Cremona.

Venice - Cremona - Verona - Bologna - Bari - Herculaneum - Pompeii - Villa San Giovanni - Palermo - Agrigento - Ragusa - Syracuse - Caltagirone - Catania - Taormina