Further Reading

Before embarking on your luxury rail vacation, you may wish to invest some time to learn more about the destinations you will visit. Our recommended reading lists include a hand-picked selection of books individually tailored to your journey, all of which have been endorsed by our expert partner, Longitude Books.

Longitude pride themselves on their recommendations of well-written, concise books that capture the spirit of a place, including guidebooks, traveller’s tales, memoirs, histories, field guides and natural histories.

Journey Reading List Link
Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express (Moscow to Vladivostok)
Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express (Vladivostok to Moscow)
Trans-Mongolian Express
Silk Road
Caspian Odyssey
Persian Odyssey
Heart of Persia
Balkan Odyssey
Treasures of Eastern Europe
Arctic Explorer
Land of the Midnight Sun
Hellenic Treasures
Tibet & China Rail Discovery
Sicilian Odyssey Northbound
Sicilian Odyssey Southbound