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The Golden Eagle

Formerly The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

Your Voyages of a Lifetime Awaits…

While we no longer operate in Russia, the legendary Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, now known as the Golden Eagle, continues to offer an unparalleled travel experience. Join us on our Silk Road collection, where this iconic train takes you through the heart of majestic Central Asia.

Discover the wonders of ancient cities, breathtaking landscapes, and rich cultures, all while enjoying the refined luxury and exceptional service that Golden Eagle Luxury Trains is renowned for. Indulge in a journey that promises both adventure and elegance, reimagined for a new era of exploration.


The Golden Eagle private train epitomises luxury and elegance on rails, offering an unparalleled travel experience through some of the world’s most captivating landscapes. With its meticulously designed carriages, sumptuous dining, and impeccable service, the Golden Eagle ensures a journey of utmost comfort and sophistication.

Each cabin is a haven of relaxation, featuring en-suite facilities and modern amenities, while the beautifully appointed public areas provide the perfect setting for socialising and unwinding. Whether traversing the ancient Silk Road or exploring the diverse terrains of Central Asia, the Golden Eagle private train promises an unforgettable adventure steeped in history, culture, and indulgence.

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Where Will The Golden Eagle Take You?


Republics of the Silk Road

Almaty - Tashkent (14 days)

Golden Eagle

Caspian Odyssey

Yerevan - Almaty (16 days)

Golden Eagle

Jewels of the Silk Road

Ashgabat - Almaty (8 days)

Golden Eagle

Treasures of Uzbekistan

Tashkent - Samarkand - Tashkent (11 days)

Golden Eagle


Learn the art of silk weaving with a visit to Margilan. Once a vital, ancient caravan route for Chinese and Western trade, the city is renowned for its beautiful, handmade silk products. We will enjoy an interactive session at a craftsman’s workshop and studio.

Moreover, gain further insight into the intertwining identity of the ‘Crossroad of Culture’, Samarkand. Until the Middle Ages, Samarkand served as the main supplier of paper to the Arab world and Europe. With a visit to the Meros Paper Mill, we will learn about this ancient art with an up-close lesson of the laborious process, ancient machines, and centuries old methods.

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Experience an awe-inspiring visit to the ‘Door to Hell’ – Darvaza’s famous burning gas crater. Located in the middle of the Kara Kum desert where the area is rich in natural gas, the 70 metre-wide crater has been burning for over 40 years.

As the Country’s Government considers way to distinguish the flames – this may be your last chance to experience this incredible phenomenon.

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Designed for an immersive and authentic encounter

Meet the Team

Our team of tour managers and guides at Golden Eagle Luxury Trains are not only exceptionally experienced but also meticulously selected for their deep knowledge and expertise in the destinations we explore.

With years of invaluable experience under their belts, they are your key to unlocking the rich tapestry of history, culture, and unique insights that each destination holds.

Looking to enhance your VIP experience? Our travel team can arrange a private guide and car, depending on availability.

Tatiana Kolesnikova

A familiar face to many of you, Tatiana Kolesnikova, joined Golden Eagle Luxury Trains in 2004 as the principal Tour Manager on the Golden Eagle train.

Over the years Tatiana has become a much loved staple of the Golden Eagle team – travelling on the Golden Eagle and the Golden Eagle Danube Express.

Anna Kochetkova

Anna first started working with the Golden Eagle team in the late 1990s, as a local Lake Baikal guide. She officially joined the company as a Tour Manager in 2007.
We asked Anna what she enjoys most her job: “Golden Eagle Luxury Trains is the best travel company providing a top class service to its clients. I like travelling. I like meeting people from all over the world. I am very happy to have a chance to do what I like, and I am proud of being part of GE team.”