Istanbul to Venice

Embark on an unforgettable voyage through the enchanting Balkan states. Over 12 days, experience the iconic route which journeys through an exquisite meld of art, architecture, and allure - blending the provincial and the palatial, the archaic and the avant-garde. Explore the region’s most magical and captivating destinations aboard the luxurious, Golden Eagle Danube Express.

Istanbul to Venice

Your iconic journey begins in the magical city of Istanbul. Steeped in over 2,500 years of history, this dazzling and dynamic metropolis is a spectacular mix of modern masterpieces and Byzantium beauty. From the luxury of the Golden Eagle Danube Express, take in the ever-changing vista as you are transported through the captivating Balkan region. Dive deep into the diversity of the Continent, journey through picturesque towns, cosmopolitan capitals, and charming coastlines.

Istanbul - Plovdiv - Sofia - Thessaloniki - Skopje - Belgrade - Mostar - Sarajevo - Zagreb - Ljubljana - Lake Bled - Trieste - Venice

Venice to Istanbul

This voyage of a lifetime transports you from the enchanting “City of Water” to the jewel of the Byzantium Empire. Evocative of the refinement and sumptuous elegance of a by-gone era, our trains capture the vintage charm of the golden era of travel. Begin your journey in Venice before meandering through the captivating Balkan Region. Experience exclusive excursions across this iconic route before arriving in the magical city of Istanbul.

Venice - Trieste - Lake Bled - Ljubljana - Zagreb - Sarajevo - Mostar - Belgrade - Skopje - Thessaloniki - Sofia - Plovdiv - Istanbul