Find Solace in the Solo

Despite two years of social distancing and isolation, travel agents are reportedly noting a significant increase in solo travel bookings. […]

Rediscover the Luxury of Time with the Swiss Rail Spectacular III

Emerging as the antidote to the “time poor” phenomenon of modern life and the generic, whistle-stop European minibreak – slow travel […]

Ringing in a Golden New Year

For the first time in two years, we were delighted to ring in the New Year aboard the Golden Eagle […]

Exclusive Castles of Transylvania tour celebrated by renowned travel writer.

Writing in his latest book, Ultimate Train Journeys: World, Tim Richards explores the opulence and adventure aboard the Golden Eagle […]

An aromatic adventure awaits aboard the opulent, Deccan Odyssey

India’s unique blend of history, culture and scenery have left western travellers spellbound for centuries. Intrinsic to this enchantment, is the […]