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Travel Weekly celebrates “high-end rail experience” on the Golden Eagle Danube Express. Writing for Travel Weekly, Nicole Edenedo, detailed her experience of “four incredible nights aboard the Golden Eagle Danube Express”.

Elaborating on the fine dining, gastronomic moments onboard, Edenedo added:

“My favourite area of the Danube Express train was the dining car. Stepping inside, I felt like I was the star of my own classic movie — traveling great distances, shrouded in intrigue and solving matters of grave importance in the casual elegance of those velvety, emerald-green booths; aged, dark-wood panels; and spotless white tablecloths.

The food onboard the Danube Express was as unforgettable as the dining car it was served in….The food they prepared was delicious; I often felt as if I were in a Michelin-starred restaurant.”

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