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India’s unique blend of history, culture and scenery have left western travellers spellbound for centuries. Intrinsic to this enchantment, is the hypnotic blend of vibrant, aromatic, and ambrosial culinary experiences, which are weaved throughout the subcontinent.

Not only a sensational journey across India, our stunning voyages aboard the Deccan Odyssey train, are an unrivalled gastronomic exploration of Indian cuisine, to delight even the most travelled Bon Vivant.

Aboard the luxurious Private Train, the Deccan Odyssey, guests experience authentic Indian food, sourced locally, and prepared by our specialist onboard chefs. Our chefs are passionate about providing the ultimate dining experience for guests, serving both Indian and International dishes to please all palettes.

“Taste of water changes every hundred miles”

In India, it is said that the “taste of water changes every hundred miles” – as the language, dress and food is as dynamic and unbound as the Indus River which runs through the Country.

Capturing this fluidity,  every menu prepared onboard the Deccan Odyssey is unique. Our menus are based on the local produce and seasonal offerings – meaning each day is a new and fresh dining experience.

One of the best ways to experience the variety of India Cuisine is with a Thali. The Hindi word for large plate, Thali involves a large platter of small bowls, filled with a variety of dishes. Whilst aboard the Deccan Odyssey, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy Thali and experience the incredible complexity and uniqueness of regional Indian cuisine.

Popular regional dishes:

Mirchi bada – a popular dish in the Rajasthan region.
This spicy snack, sometimes known as Mirchi Pakoda, includes deep fried fluffy cauliflowers bites, served with a tangy mint and tamarind chutney.

Puri and Sabzi – a breakfast dish enjoyed in the North of India.
Guests may have the opportunity to enjoy this warming vegetable dish served with puffed bread in cities like Delhi, Agra and Varanasi.

Uttapam with Sambhar – a rich and nourishing meal enjoyed in Sothern India.
Enjoyed by passengers aboard the Madras Mail, this local delicacy includes a warming vegetable-lentil stew, served with a crisp pancake and refreshing chutney.


Guests will be served a Thali – a large platter of dishes – which is the perfect way to experience Indian Cuisine.

Moreover, such culinary excitements are not confined to the train. Interwoven with your exploration of the magical chaos of crisscrossing Rickshaws in Mumbai, the lavish palaces of Jaipur and ornate temples of Chennai – guests will also have the opportunity to visit renowned restaurants and taste local dishes.

Whilst in Mumbai, guests have the opportunity to visit the Krishna restaurant, where locally sourced succulent crab meat, emerges from the kitchen, glistening with butter and garlic. Or, taste the sumptuous Bhapa Doi in Kolkata, a rich baked dessert, infused with warming spices and tantalisingly adorned with zesty pomegranate and fragrant rose.

A spice market in India

An Indian spice market – bursting with vibrant flavours and colours.

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