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For avid travellers like our Golden Eagle guests, 2020 has not begun as expected. Increasingly strict measures mean that we cannot tick items off our bucket list as planned. For many of us, we are now facing the prospect of not being able to leave our homes at all. Still, this does not mean we should stop discovering the world around us. We’ve come up with ways you can explore without leaving your home, to help you plan the ultimate ‘staycation’.

Learn a new recipe

Indulge in cultural experiences by cooking foreign cuisine at home. Look to the internet for new recipes you can try or dig out old recipe books. You can also look to our food blog for inspiration from the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Savoury cheesecake wrapped in bacon

Savoury cheesecake wrapped in bacon, a masterpiece by our Golden Eagle chef

Learn a new language

For those spending more time at home over the coming months, there is an opportunity to learn a new skill. For the frequent travellers missing out on their adventures, learning a new language can allow you to experience a different culture from home and it also gives way to host of benefits to the mind. There are many ways to learn a language during your staycation, from app-based learning with Duolingo to a more immersive experience with Rosetta Stone.

Take a virtual tour

Many museums now have virtual tours online, allowing you to explore the likes of The Louvre and the British Museum from the comfort of your own home. What’s more, Google has recently partnered with the National Park Service to offer virtual tours of stunning parks throughout the USA. You can also tune in to live cams at various zoos across the world, including one at Wolong Grove’s panda enclosure in China.

Inside the British Museum, London, UK

You can explore museums like the British Museum online through virtual tours. Photo credit: Monty Lov

Ask us about our exciting new tours for 2021

Many travellers will be disappointed to see their plans fall through this year. However, much of the excitement of travelling comes from planning the trip itself! While travel may be limited at present, look to the future and the travel opportunities that will be available past this current period. We have some incredible tours planned for 2021, including the Trans-Siberian Winter Wonderland by Steam and the Caucasian Explorer. Contact us for more information or to secure your place.

A sunset at Lake Baikal with a steam engine

The Golden Eagle hauled by steam at Lake Baikal in winter. Photo credit: Lynne Atwood

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Header image by Kyle Glenn.