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Emerging as the antidote to the “time poor” phenomenon of modern life and the generic, whistle-stop European mini-break – slow travel is not just about the destination, but the voyage.

Often, we are so focused on our arrival, that we miss the beauty of our journey. Here at Golden Eagle Luxury Trains, we feel that the train window is the ultimate lens to enjoy the splendour of the European vista.

“On board a train, time is suspended. Landscapes roll past, inspiration comes, discussions start, until, suddenly, you reach your destination, just as if time had flown.”  Hervé Marro, 2021.

Savour every moment of the unparalleled beauty of Switzerland’s panorama in luxury and style, with our exclusive rail adventure – the Swiss Rail Spectacular III. 

Slip into the tranquillity of Switzerland’s breath-taking landscapes in a selection of exquisite trains including the Orient-Express-style Prestige Continental Express and the Glacier and Bernina Pullman Express

Escape the tourism burnout and enjoy a journey which weaves together a magical celebration of Switzerland’s historic trains and majestic Alpine railways.

August 25 – September , 2024 | 14 days