FAQ - Health Policies on board

If a passenger tests positive for Covid-19 while onboard our train, the passenger will be offered the following options:

1. If a passenger tests positive while onboard they will not be permitted to leave their cabin, enter communal areas of the train (e.g. restaurant cars, bar lounge car), or join our usual daily off-train sightseeing programme.

The passenger may be able to go outside as part of adapted outdoors excursions, provided that they wear a high quality mask. They must have separate transport from the rest of the group (charges are applicable).

The passenger will be asked to isolate in their cabin for five days and permitted to stay onboard until their final destination. They will be asked to ventilate their cabin by opening their window and all meals will be brought to them in their cabin. Passengers will be advised that there may be some occasions when the train is in a depot, and electricity may be unavailable for a short time for air conditioning etc.

2. Alternatively, they would be permitted to leave the tour permanently at the next station stop if this is their preference.

3. If the affected passenger shares their cabin, a test is recommended for this person. If this is negative they are permitted to join the excursions and move through the train provided a high quality mask is worn for 10 days and a further test is then recommended after 5 days or if you develop symptoms.

Policy regarding staff contact with a positive case

If there is a Covid-positive case (or suspected case) onboard, the guest and anyone they share a cabin with will be asked to isolate in their cabin. They will not be permitted to leave their cabin, except for limited exceptions. The only staff member permitted to enter the cabin is the cabin attendant, and this should be only for a minimum amount of time. The guests and the staff should wear a mask during this time.

Any contact with members of the onboard team (tour managers, operations, food and beverage manager) should be done by telephone / text message / written letter, to protect the health of key staff members.

Staff will be ensuring the highest standards of sanitising the entire train regularly. Passengers are strongly advised to sanitise their hands regularly and stations for this are placed at intervals along the train.

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FAQ - Health Policies on board

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